Impact on the production and income of farmers


Intervention / Activity made

Brief description of the significant impact made in terms of qualitative and quantitative parameters. 

Assessment of herbicides on the weed control efficiency in Blackgram / Impact of weed management in Blackgram

Weed control effiency was highest in Imazethapyr-treatment than other methods.
( Pendimethalin – 2 litre/ha
Imazethapyr- 600 ml/ha
Hand weeding + Pentemethalene – 2 litre/ha)
The farmer earned Rs.8546 per ha as income due to the treatment of Imazethapyr .


Assessment of groundnut varieties for higher productivity

The Groundnut variety ICGV 91114 has yielded
32.0 quintal/ha which is 33.0% and 100% increased yield over the existing groundnut varieties TMV 7 and TMV 13 respectively.
The farmer gained Rs.75000 per ha as net income due to the cultivation of Groundnut variety ICGV 91114.


Integrated Crop Management  of Sunflower hybrid CO2

Even though the crop faced drought situation TNAU sunflower, Hybrid Co2 given 9 quintal/ha. This is 17 percent yield increase over check hybrid.
The farmer earned Rs.7830 per ha as net income due to the cultivation of TNAU sunflower hybrid Co2.


Management of reddening in rainfed cotton

Integrated application of Urea, Magnesium Sulphate ,Zinc sulphate  and Foliar spray of cotton plus during flowering and boll formation stage recorded higher yield than the control. Field showed control more than the 65%  defiency symptoms (i.e) purple coloration of leaves.
The farmer earned Rs.12000 per ha as net income after spraying the Integrated application.